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Optimize your data collection

Do you find it challenging to collect rich and accurate data?

Together we can optimize data capture in healthcare.

At Aevai Health, we offer an intelligent chat agent that converses with patients while collecting their data.

Meet Alva. Your clinical Guide.

Alva is a clinical chat agent that remotely monitors patients. Alva can collect symptoms from patients with a variety of conditions and treatments.

– Alva can track patients diagnosed with chronic – diseases

– Alva can help patients recover from an operation

– Alva can help patients in clinical trials adhere to research study protocols

Why Alva

Automated scoring in a real-time dashboard

Alva automatically calculates clinical outcome scores and displays data per patient in a real-time dashboard.



Alva’s database can include specified information regarding the disease domain, the research protocols, or any other information that you want patients to know.

Assist with patient queries

One of the strong points for Alva is that patients have a clear incentive to use her to their fullest. Alva can help patient by responding to questions and easing their mind about issues.

Interactive data capture

The data Alva collects can be customized in a case-by-case basis. Alva will collect the data relevant for the medical staff and won’t bloat the dashboard with standard or unnecessary data.

Acts on alarming symptoms

In case of concerning responses, Alva will notify the correct medical staff about the response.

The team behind alva

We are a diverse team of experts in software management, business, pharmaceutical industry, and patient care. Together, we have created a specialized clinical tool for remote patient data monitoring.

Our solution ensures faster, cost-effective, and efficient data collection, empowering healthcare providers to deliver top-notch care with patients at the center.

Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionize patient care with cutting-edge technology.


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